The role of a consultant

By definition, the role of a consultant is very varied as it involves working in different contexts.

We also give our employees the opportunity to develop their ability to adapt, not only by working with our clients on wide-ranging transformation projects but also by contributing to the development of the company.

« Internal projects help develop my skills »
Senior Consultant

Within Colombus, I have the opportunity to work on internal company activities and that's very rewarding. For example, I've helped teams of students from a major Paris school conduct strategic studies on the media and the health system. This meant that I could step back from my work on projects and it was also my first experience of mentoring. I've also been heavily involved in recruitment, working in particular on the format of interviews, redesigning our evaluation reports and case study presentation.

« Being a consultant means understanding the human aspect of project »
Junior Consultant

Sometimes in our profession we work on sensitive issues. The projects change the organization of the work and that often affects employees. I remember one project that involved standardizing job descriptions to simplify a company's HR processes. With my boss, I interviewed the managers to gain an understanding of the business lines and that were causing concerns amongst the employees. We listened to them and provided the reassurance they needed to accept the changes and appreciate the benefits. Our work even led to three internal promotions. I love the satisfaction that comes from a job well done !

« Being a consultant means doing something useful ang giving meaning to clients »
Junior Consultant

I work in the European and International Affairs Department of a major ministry. My manager and I have helped the head of department design and implement the French portal for the European Union's new framework programme. When we started, the project had stalled and that was causing tension. We aimed to come to terms with what was at stake and the complexity of the project as quickly as possible and launched a series of workshops to find out what wasn't working. This allowed us to find out what was going on from the people involved and give the project a clear goal. Our work bore fruit in just a few weeks and the website was put online within the specified timeframes.

« I feel as if I'm at the frontline of the future challenges facing businesses »

I work primarily for clients in the energy and environment sector. I like being involved in the major changes facing businesses. For example, I worked on an environmental certifications project and had to consider the impacts on the business in five, ten and fifteen years to offer the client a lasting solution. I've enjoyed incorporating a systemic dimension into what I do through analysis of financial, technological and energy-related challenges. No matter what the assignment, I can also draw from our network of in-house experts and that gives me insight into the big issues of the future !

Life in the company

Life in the company :

The life of a consultant is divided between his/her assignments and the internal activities he/she carries out within the company. We strive to create the right conditions for mobile working. We are determined to maintain camaraderie amongst staff members despite the requirements of flexible working.
For these reasons, numerous opportunities for inter-sector interaction are organized.

being a consultant

The first day in the company
On the first day, new employees are mentored and supervised by the human resources team. Our Knowledge Manager also organizes training on use of the intranet. This is an important step in finding out how to access company information for assignments that are often undertaken remotely.
Internal projects
All our consultants are given the chance to contribute to the life of the company by participating in projects.
If they wish, everyone can contribute to all manner of subjects, including business development, internal events, community involvement, organization of recruitment and press reviews.
The seminar
Once a year Colombus Consulting takes its employees to the beach, mountains or countryside to work (a little) and relax (a lot). The purpose of the seminar is first and foremost to allow employees to enjoy time together. We were in Slovenia in 2010, Guadeloupe in 2011, Portugal in 2012… Each year, the destination remains a well-kept secret until the day of departure !
Colombus get-togethers
Colombus Consulting regularly organizes staff social events and functions.
One Friday a month, employees get together on the company’s premises to :
• meet over a drink and nibbles
• discuss company news
• watch presentations on internal projects
The Works Council and sports club organize several sporting and cultural events. Theatre, opera, football matches, games of squash or skiing weekends… all employees are invited to attend the outings. We also fly the company’s flag at well-known sports competitions including La Parisienne and half-marathon.
These events are opportunities for the consultants to build and share their own internal network.
The offices
Colombus Consulting is based on the Champs-Elysées. The company relocated so as to be as close as possible to both its employees and clients, who are primarily located in Paris and at La Défense.
The design and layout of the offices are intended to reflect the “made in Colombus” organizational structure: teamwork, interaction, engagement with clients and wellbeing (“zen” and “zap” areas).
Teamwork :Open plan areas for interaction can be found alongside meeting rooms of different sizes to meet all needs (from face-to-face interviews to conferences with twenty people).
Openness : Informal meeting spaces, open staffroom for the senior management team, open plan areas for working alone or in small groups… to promote interaction and ideas, chairs have been placed in several semi-open spaces.
Concentration and confidentiality :
private areas making it possible to concentrate and make confidential phone calls.

Wellbeing :
A “zen” area where employees can go to relax and a “zap” area for lunch, coffee or chat.

Engagement with clients :Our new address on the Champs-Elysées is close to our clients to make it easy for them to visit us. This location also makes it easy for our employees to access the premises to attend training or work sessions, no matter where they are posted.