We attract and develop top talent.
If a career in consultancy appeals to you, why not join a team that rewards hard work and is committed to personal growth within a company that strives to meet economic and social challenges.
Follow a pathway to excellence
We offer a mentoring scheme to help you progress in your chosen career.
Be part of an ambitious business plan
A spirit of enterprise is central to the Colombus model and we want every employee to feel able to express their entrepreneurial flair.
Learn from our wide-ranging areas of activity
You will work in many different sectors, giving you the opportunity to take new methodologies on board.
Succeed in a challenging environment
A results oriented culture will encourage you to exceed your expectations.
A Great Place to Work
Be part of a people-centred venture
First and foremost, Colombus Consulting is the history of a team driven by shared values and convictions : excellence, spirit of enterprise, teamwork and independence.
Our employees respect the company for these values. We have won the Great Place to Work award for two consecutive years.
Colombus Consulting: 3rd of Great Place to Work 2018 award
This award is presented by the Great Place to Work Institute every year following a national survey measuring employees’ satisfaction with working conditions.
 We are very proud to have won the award for two consecutive years. This is a wonderful endorsement from our staff. The results of the survey revealed a strong sense of belonging to the company. Most of our employees stated that they associate the values highlighted by the award — trust, fairness, pride and camaraderie — with our company.