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Colombus Consulting offers you the opportunity to decide on the consultancy career you wish to pursue.
Our employees’ professional development is a top priority for us.
We give everyone employee the freedom to choose their own path. In the first few years after joining the company, consultants have the opportunity to explore different areas of activity and hone their skills on a variety of assignments.
They may then specialize in a specific field and shape their own future.

Junior Consultant From the beginning, Junior Consultants are thrown into the thick of things. They participate in change management projects from the off and are called upon in all project phases, providing support to experienced consultants. They are able to acquire the techniques and methods of the business whilst furthering their knowledge of consultancy.
Senior Consultant With their expertise in different business areas, Senior Consultants are a source of creative ideas for both clients and the company's directors. Over time, they gain autonomy and responsibility. They may supervise consultants and contribute to business development.
Manager Managers carry out increasingly complex projects and manage resources whilst developing business beyond the scope of their role. They also manage cross-functional projects and specialize in an area or service of their choice.
Senior Manager Senior Managers manage and coordinate a major account. They are responsible for the profitability of their services, negotiate directly with clients and develop a network. They are aware of innovation and share their cross-functional and multidisciplinary expertise with their teams. They play a major role in the company's internal development.
Partner Partners take responsibility for a sector as a whole with the aim of developing its business portfolio. They lead large teams and provide invaluable expertise to our clients. They participate in the company's decision-making processes and internal management.
Recognized as leaders by their peers, they develop company strategy and play a major role in defining the company identity and culture for the future.
« Being a consultant means understanding the human aspect of project »
Junior Consultant

Sometimes in our profession we work on sensitive issues. The projects change the organization of the work and that often affects employees. I remember one project that involved standardizing job descriptions to simplify a company's HR processes. With my boss, I interviewed the managers to gain an understanding of the business lines and that were causing concerns amongst the employees. We listened to them and provided the reassurance they needed to accept the changes and appreciate the benefits. Our work even led to three internal promotions. I love the satisfaction that comes from a job well done !

« Being a consultant means doing something useful ang giving meaning to clients »
Junior Consultant

I work in the European and International Affairs Department of a major ministry. My manager and I have helped the head of department design and implement the French portal for the European Union's new framework programme. When we started, the project had stalled and that was causing tension. We aimed to come to terms with what was at stake and the complexity of the project as quickly as possible and launched a series of workshops to find out what wasn't working. This allowed us to find out what was going on from the people involved and give the project a clear goal. Our work bore fruit in just a few weeks and the website was put online within the specified timeframes.

« I feel as if I'm at the frontline of the future challenges facing businesses »

I work primarily for clients in the energy and environment sector. I like being involved in the major changes facing businesses. For example, I worked on an environmental certifications project and had to consider the impacts on the business in five, ten and fifteen years to offer the client a lasting solution. I've enjoyed incorporating a systemic dimension into what I do through analysis of financial, technological and energy-related challenges. No matter what the assignment, I can also draw from our network of in-house experts and that gives me insight into the big issues of the future !

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Our consultants are the core of Colombus Consulting.

That is what makes the professional development of our employees is so important to the company.
All our staff have at their disposal the means to develop their skills and determine the course of their careers.

Content professional development

We have developed bespoke training programmes to give consultants the tools they need to succeed in a demanding professional environment.
These programmes are designed to help our employees learn, share, use, analyse and grow… at every stage of their career.
Our training seminars cover various themes, including methodology, practical skills, communication, organization and management.
We review our training programmes and methods regularly to incorporate the development of new technologies, methodological innovations and the needs of consultants.
Consultants are supported in their professional development by a mentor.
Mentors act as a link between the various project managers supervising a consultant and the consultant’s aspirations. This allows every member of staff to grow and flourish.
The mentoring scheme is part of a wider company goal to assisting our employees in building of their own career paths.
Management and operational experience
Our support for employees career development is rooted in two beliefs :
– Understanding client requirements : operational relevance is fundamental to the lessons to be learned on any project. 
– Enlightened management plays a vital role in consultants’ professional development: managers share their knowledge of the field and appraise the services performed by the consultant.
We make sure that our company’s managers represent our values day after day.
Intelligence and project capitalization
An intelligence and project capitalization scheme is in place at Colombus Consulting. This is also central to consultants’ learning curve as the scheme and related tools give them access to a bank of company knowledge.