We guide Administrative and Financial Divisions through their transformation projects and help them strengthen their role within private-sector companies and public-sector organizations.

Since the recession struck, these divisions have faced fresh challenges:

  • Improving forecast management (more accurate and diversified data, increased reactivity, forward planning, etc.)
  • Optimizing cash flows through improved management of the WCR and investment cycle
  • Exploring new forms of finance
  • Adapting their reporting or consolidation tools
  • Meeting the regulatory requirements on financial services (SEPA, Basel, Solvability II, etc.).


In response to these changes, Administrative and Financial Divisions need to work closely with Operating Divisions to facilitate cooperation and the exchange of information.
Improving the performance of the "Financial" aspect is a key issue. The challenge relates to organization (clarifying the breakdown of roles between participants, decentralizing management activities in Operating Divisions or centralizing them within Financial Divisions), performance management (defining and implementing decision-making tools) and introducing integrated management tools to improve the efficiency of operational procedures.
Furthermore, Financial Divisions are increasingly involved in managing cross-functional transformation projects within organizations. Financial directors are often required to oversee these strategic projects and manage change within the business.

Our experience of managing transformation projects in complex or even sensitive environments and our expertise in accounting and financial matters mean that we are ideally placed to support Financial Divisions.

As well as having specialist qualifications, our consultants have developed recognized expertise in:

  • The organization and processes of accounting and financial services and the related change management
  • Designing dashboards and performance indicators
  • Facilitating the selection and introduction of integrated management tools

We also work with a network of experts covering all areas relevant to Financial Divisions :

  • Budget management
  • Consolidation
  • Cost accounting and management control
  • Cash flow management and optimization of the WCR
  • Reporting and management
  • Knowledge of the main market tools (ERP, decision-making systems, etc.)

Therefore we can provide teams with an excellent understanding of the challenges facing Financial Divisions and their business partners, as well as significant experience in change management and major transformation projects.

Success story
Helping a regional health agency develop strategic management dashboards

The context :

This agency asked our teams to optimize its strategic management instruments with a view to moving from a system managing healthcare services with administrative indices to regulation based on current needs and uses in consultation with regional health centres.


We mapped relationships and information exchanges between the different stakeholders (State, national insurance and health centres).
We then developed indicators and dashboards using a balanced scorecard methodology tailored to the health sector with the management team and its partners.


Our work brought a regional health agency and its partners together around the strategic management initiative and defined relevant, practical management dashboards.

Supporting the creation of a shared services centre for a major industry provider


When creating an accounts payable SSC, a major group asked our team to assist it with the change management that the project entailed.


Following an in-depth risk assessment and analysis of the group's procurement practices, we conducted an impact study and defined new procurement/billing processes. We then developed a change management plan in order to establish these new operational procedures (communication, training, forums, etc.).
Finally, we produced a "post-evaluation" action plan to ensure the sustainability of the changes.


Our work helped the users understand the importance of the project. This led to rapid adoption of the optimized processes and improved staff efficiency (buyers, accountants, etc.).

Assisting a media player with the selection and implementation of integrated management software


A major audiovisual player consulted us on developing specifications with a view to updating its integrated management tool. It also chose our team to assist it with the implementation and related change management.


We analyzed the requirements covering the scope of G/L accounting, procurement and management control. Then we prioritized the requirements and worked with all the parties involved to build the specifications.

Once the tool had been selected, we helped the project managers implement the project and produced the change management plan.


Our work was essential in delivering the project. Our client was particularly pleased that our team shared its specialist expertise in accounting matters and the selected tool.

Defining the new management structure of a public body and the related change management


In response to increased activity, our client asked us to alter the breakdown of roles between the divisions involved in running the body (Financial Division, accounting agency, Procurement Division and Operating Division).


After analyzing the existing structure and regulatory requirements, we proposed several organizational models tailored to the challenges facing the body. In this framework, we assessed the possible impacts on team size, change management and technical feasibility.


Our client benefitted from our experience in public-sector consultancy and our expertise in analyzing the impacts of implementing an integrated management tool. These strengths helped us make recommendations tailored to the challenges facing the body.