We help senior managers, business line managers or information system managers utilize the performance and development drivers associated with new technologies.

Technology is now a source of differentiation. It is also calling into question skills, access to information, security and the role of the information systems, to give just a few examples.

A company that can anticipate impacts and incorporate technological innovation into its strategy and operations has a major advantage.

With this in mind, we support the reinvention of public or private organizations from various industries and sectors.

In-depth knowledge of the challenges our clients face (sectoral and functional) combined with technological expertise means that we can guide these organizations through the transformation of their business models.

Success story
Developing a regional telemedicine strategy


A regional health agency entrusted the operational rollout of a regional telemedicine programme to a healthcare cooperation consortium. This consortium chose our company to support it in this project.

Notre accompagnement :

Our teams provided methodological advice on developing a strategic plan, utilizing our knowledge of health stakeholders in the region with the support of independent experts (medical, legal, financial, etc.) at different stages in the project.

We analyzed requirements, benchmarked regional telemedicine strategies, and supported the development and operational rollout of the strategic plan (including the rollout plan, rollout models and operating plan).


Our work enabled the healthcare cooperation consortium to define and structure a strategic plan for the regional telemedicine programme. This work has since been used as a model for other regional projects.

Managing the rollout of the next generation of smart meters


The Linky project aims to bring the next generation of smart meters into French homes. The scheme includes the implementation of a comprehensive management system of the meters, making it possible to collect metering data and make repairs remotely, in addition to providing customer and optimization services in liaison with the electricity distribution network's other information systems.


Notre cabinet a été sélectionné pour préparer la phase de généralisation sur l’ensemble du territoire.

Our company was chosen to prepare the rollout phase across the country. We contributed to managing the project (support developing, distributing and maintaining project management guidelines, as well as defining and coordinating the project management scheme). We also provided support to consultations on the rollout and advice on procurement linked to the project.


We managed the project's quality assurance and helped our client meet its obligations to partners and suppliers.