We guide executives and directors with responsibility for their company's property through transformation projects.
We work to position the Property Division as a partner to senior managers, supporting the company strategy and meeting operational needs.

We help property managers make their organization and practices more mature to address new financial, regulatory and environmental challenges. Our added value lies primarily in the ability to orchestrate transformation projects and position property divisions as a major contributor to the business.

For a number of years, property divisions have leaned towards a centralized model — largely reporting to the senior managers — and outsourced the non-strategic activities outside their core business line. Therefore we work with these divisions to transform property services.

We act upstream of the property value chain, before "traditional" players (brokers, developers, etc.), to help property divisions set their strategic directions: designing a new organization, merging with a new structure, enlarging activities, etc.

We assist business lines downstream in implementing their property projects to obtain results in line with the financial, environmental and operational performance targets.

We have supported numerous property transformation projects in France and internationally in the private and public sectors.

Our clients value the difference we can make :

  • Our ability to work with operational teams and senior managers alike
  • Our familiarity with carrying out projects in an international context
  • A team of consultants with advanced training and dual expertise in organization and property management

Our teams also contribute to the analysis of the Association of Property Directors (ADI) on organizational developments and the skills needed by property managers in the near future.

Success story
Designing and implementing a property cost reduction programme in Russia

The context :

The senior managers of a major group wanted to implement a cost rationalization and reduction programme within its Russian affiliate. It aimed to reduce property costs by 10% annually over three years
To achieve this aim, the Property Division identified avenues for optimizing property costs and decided to explore these avenues, prioritizing them before launch within the entire property portfolio internationally.


Following a data collection and information analysis phase, we proposed the implementation of a programme with five savings projects: facility management, property rationalization (development plan), optimization of the network of agencies, resale of unused property assets and optimization of expenditure processes.


Our work made it possible to implement governance in project mode and meet savings targets. One of the key factors of the success of our work was the support of our Franco-Russian team, particularly in the upstream phase of the project.

Implementing an energy cost reduction project

The context :

A banking group decided to carry out an energy efficiency project following the rise in energy costs. The project had a financial and environmental aim: reducing firstly the energy bill by 15% and secondly greenhouse gas emissions by 10% within three years.


We selected an initiative supporting all parties. We began by preparing decision-making documents for the senior managers based on a pilot scheme involving a sample of points of sale. A qualification study then made it possible to unite and mobilize the parties. Finally, we implemented a operational pilot to test the organization, tools, suppliers and energy performance contract.


Our work showed the senior property managers that they could incorporate the group's environmental challenges into property strategy.
The savings making it possible to meet the group's targets are being implemented.

Change management linked to the implementation of a property portfolio management project

The context :

The Property Division of a public body managed an extensive and diverse property portfolio (1,200 buildings). It launched a project to computerize and so improve the technical management of the property portfolio. The project covered the business, organizational and human challenges.


We structured the project (governance, teams, roadmap, etc.) then specified the change management initiatives and defined the target technical property management process. Finally, we developed a rollout kit and organized a seminar mobilizing the project stakeholders.


Our work mobilized the main divisions affected by the project (management and operational staff). Their involvement facilitated the rollout of new property management processes and tools to all parties.