We support all public sector stakeholders in their major transformation projects. We work on behalf of central governments, public bodies and local authorities.

Our involvement covers the transformation of public sector organizations further to regulatory reforms or technological developments. In particular, we oversee the "change management" made necessary by transformations.

We utilize our experience and methodologies to meet the current challenges of public sector stakeholders.

Our understanding of the latest regulatory changes and our experience of the concerns at grassroots level put us in a leading position to support public sector stakeholders in their major projects :

  • Defining and managing complex projects
  • Improving the performance of the public sector

Colombus Consulting has developed specific expertise in conducting multi-stakeholder projects in changing and sometimes sensitive environments. We recognize the importance of change management in a process involving different stakeholders and skills transfers.

The company has a dedicated and multidisciplinary team of over twenty consultants specializing in the public sector and a network of experts with specialist skills (business, legal, technological, etc.).

Our consultants work with the business lines and cross-functional divisions of organizations (Information System Division, Procurement Division, Financial Affairs Division, etc.).

As well as advanced training, our consultants have developed recognized expertise in :

  • New digital technologies (digital work spaces, internet / intranet projects, etc.)
  • Public management and organization of financial and accounting divisions
  • Organization of an Information System Division and governance of information systems
  • Management of public assets
Success story
Helping a public sector company define the rollout plan of its newly organized Information System Division

The context :

As part of implementing the new organization of the Information System Division (400 people), Colombus Consulting was chosen to define the new operating methods as well as the related rollout plan.


We defined new processes in participatory workshops then devised a rollout plan in consultation with the management committee. We also defined and implemented a tailored communication plan and designed and led a mobilization seminar aimed at the entire Information System Division.


Our work made it possible both to define new operating methods and unite the various participants (senior managers, middle managers and operational staff). The seminar made it possible to mobilize all the senior managers around the new directions.

Making recommendations to develop the cross-functional duties of senior managers

The context :

Following his appointment, the Chairman of a public sector company asked us for advice on reorganizing the cross-functional duties of his senior managers.


After reviewing the performance of cross-functional duties and benchmarking similar companies at European level, we submitted several organization models to the Chairman. We analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of each option, and evaluated the impacts on the size of teams and change management.


Our work gave the Chairman an objective overview of the organization of his senior managers. This led in particular to recommendations aiming to strengthen the resources (tools, teams, operating methods, etc.) allocated to cross-functional duties in order to facilitate exchanges between senior managers.