We have developed a change management approach and methodology tailored to the public sector and its challenges.

We work for central governments (supporting the implementation of a unique content management tool for a ministry), local authorities (rolling out digital work spaces in schools, colleges and universities for a region) and several public operators (undertaking a huge change management project to help a public body implement a new information system).

Our approach is based on the convictions that we have taken away from our countless assignments :

  • Understanding the culture and specificities of the public organization with which we are working: we propose tailored rollout strategies whilst listening and remaining available at all times
  • Adopting a concrete and pragmatic approach to ensure that the proposed developments provide genuine added value: our actions reserve a special place for communication on the contributions made by transformations and incorporate the vision of people who "live the change"
  • Transferring knowledge whilst maintaining constant contact with users: we aim to share objectives, involve participants in training and help them find their place in the target model
  • Delivering the improvements expected over the long term: we define and implement performance indicators and track them beyond the rollout
Success story
Helping a local authority with change management linked to the rollout of an asset management tool

The context :

A major local authority decided to computerize the technical management of its assets (several hundred buildings and schools).


The senior managers asked our teams to guide them through the change management of this ambitious project. After mapping the participants, we worked with the stakeholders to define new operating methods and the change management plan.


Our work created the conditions for the successful rollout of an asset management tool in a complex and multi-stakeholder environment.

Advising and assisting a public body in the rollout of a time and task management tool

The context :

This public body in the audiovisual sector decided to computerize the time and task management of all its staff members. It asked Colombus Consulting to guide it through the change management of this rollout.

Notre accompagnement :

We defined the support plan for the rollout of the tool (defining new operating methods, communication plan, training plan, etc.) and helped the body implement it (advice on employee relations, training programmes, assistance for users, etc.).

Notre apport :

Our work made it possible to rollout a time and task management tool to over 1,000 people in Ile-de-France and the regions in very short timeframes.