Solutions & tools benchmark to structure your GDPR approach

Following the first release of the GDPR White Paper, this second edition presents some new insights, after more than a year of GDPR enforcement.

We present some facts and figures resulting from the GDPR application as well as a look at the impacts that GDPR has had on the evolution of Digital-focused GDPR solutions, such as the Consent Management Platform (CMP). It also discusses the potential regulatory developments and their impacts on international companies. You will find as well an update about the FADP in Switzerland.

Finally, as the ecosystem of GDPR compliance solutions provider is constantly moving, the GDPR compliance solutions categorization and mapping have been adjusted to reflect the changes observed since our latest Benchmark.

Ataccama, BlockShare, Captain DPO, Central Consent Manager, Collibra, Consent Lifecycle Manager, Data Galaxy, Data Legal Drive, Datae, DataGuise, Didomi, DPManager, DPOrganizer, GDPR Drop, Global Data Excellence, Informatica, Iubenda, Nymity, OneTrust, Oryga, PrivaCIL, Privitar, Smart Global Privacy, TrustArc, Trust-hub, Wirewheel, Zeenea

Compliance & Risk Assessment
AltarPrivacy solutions, DataGuise, Evidon, Magush, OneTrust, PIA CNIL, Risk’n tic, Smart Global Privacy, TrustArc

User Data Privacy
Ataccama, Central Consent Manager, Consent Lifecycle Manager, Consenteye, DataGrail, Dataguise, Didomi, GDPRfirm, Gigya, Iubenda, Okta, OneTrust, Qualifio, Reachfive, Smart Global Privacy, Trunomi, TrustArc

Digital Consent
Axeptio, Chandago, Civic, Cooki Assistant, Cookie consent, Cookie Manager Tarteaucitron, Cookiebot, Didomi, Evidon, Iubenda, OneTrust, Quantcast, Secure Privacy, Smart Global Privacy, TrustArc, TrustCommander, UniConsent, Usercentrics

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